System Design

Precise planning is very important when considering undertaking a new project on your vessel. We take pride in designing a safe and qualified system so you don’t have to. Thinking of changing over to Lithium ion batteries? Do you want satellite TV service on board? Maybe you are considering an alarm monitoring system to protect your vessel? Whatever the request, we have years of experience and keep up to date with the latest technology to design a system which is right for you.


Raymarine & Simrad Integration

This was an upgrade project, all the Raymarine equipment here used to be outdated and unreliable. Now this clients system is the most reliable you can find on the market with all Raymarine’s latest equipment.

As you may notice we had to integrate a Raymarine network with a Simrad network; It is important to know how to integrate systems for optimum performance.

Each of our schematics have locations of where everything was installed for technicians to be able to find and troubleshoot equipment efficiently, in turn saving the client labor costs.

Raymarine 3D & Thermal Imaging

This was an exciting job for our team. This was a brand new install and the client wanted all the most recent electronics Raymarine had to offer, including the 3D Sonar imaging, M-625CS thermal camera and the AR200 which enables augmented reality through the onboard cameras.

Engine data was also integrated into the chart plotters.  This feature allows you to keep an eye on important information like fuel tank levels, water tank levels, oil levels and more! With this useful information your system will be able to calculate how far you can go and when you need to next fill up those fluids. With this state of the art equipment you will always be ready for your next trip or charter!


Garmin With Side, Forward & Down Vision

This Schematic tells a story of a sailor who wanted to be aware of everything around the vessel below and above the water.

This particular client is a commercial diver and wanted to make use of the forward scan view, side view and down vision transducers Garmin had to offer.
They had a long passage to make from Nanny cay and wanted the vessel to be equipped with the latest radar technology on the market enabling the system to see targets 48nm away any time of day and night and with the settings adjusted properly they could even track precipitation and avoid large rain clouds and squalls.